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I grew up in a small city, in a very traditional social circle where nothing outside the rules happened; as I was growing up, I perceived my reality as a constant repetitions of routines.


Through photography, I found a channel to be present in all images, and although I do not appear, I am the one who releases the shutter. Most of the spaces that are captured in the images, which seem planned and premeditated by technical quality and frame, are capture during trips and daily moments of my life as mother and wife, in the most traditional sense of the Word.


Through my work I am interested on questioning the duality that many women and I have experienced by living our lives within the traditional and conservative canons of society. On one hand, there is the sensation of frustration, confinement, and lack of freedom; But at the same time, we feel a profound joy and absolute satisfaction by continuing to move forward with the family. In many cases an internal battle is created between the desires to pursue our own dreams or the determination to achieve the children’s dreams first.


Imagining a different reality where I don't have to worry about anyone, just me, becomes a fantasy and at the same time, remorse. That is why in my series it is common to find reflections that reveal a parallel reality where I do not see myself; movements on lights and water that blur what is around or what is going on while taking the photo. The figure of circle is recurrent, for me it represents the laps nedeed to get to  a new point, as well as the patterns that I see on floors, on textures, of common places through which many people passes by without noticing them.

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